Saturday, March 16, 2013

What will you have to offer once Found? (Worth the Wait)

I saw something on facebook posted by one of my mentors Cee Cee Michaela the other day that changed my way of thinking in the area of Love, Marriage and Sexual Purity. Basically, it was challenging singles to ask the question: "What will you give your future spouse when you are FOUND"? We often talk or hear about being a Virtuous Woman or a Mighty Man of Valor, we are told not to settle, but don't be too picky, put your self out there, be sociable, get in the word, become the woman or man that you would want that other person to have, the list could go on. This can be great advice and encouragement; but we want to make sure that we are not putting the focus on us and getting that ring on our finger just so that we can finally say: "I's married naw" .

Proverbs 4:7 "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."

Can we be honest and real with each other, when you think about your honeymoon night or being with your mate, what do you think? Honestly, a lot of times I would think about sex (of course). It would be perfect; I will make him feel good and he would make me feel good! We will experience pleasures like never before, he would be "sprung" and so in love with me all the more! It would be perfect, right? God shared a revelation with me the other day; "Anyone can make someone feel good, many people can give someone else lots of sexual pleasure, that's really not much to give and that is not all that you should want to give your mate on your wedding night". You know what the most beautiful gift you could give your mate on your wedding night/honeymoon? Give them GOD, His Spirit living on the inside of you. For my sisters, we want to give him, HIM. When I saw that facebook post, it really hit me to the core, because this takes the focus off us or another person and put it on Christ. So instead of just saying that "We are Worth the Wait" (which is true), take it even further and much higher and confess "Lord, YOU are Worth the Wait". Ultimately, that's really what we are waiting for! Instead of my husband being "sprung" on me, I want Him to be SOLD OUT for the Lord!!! I and you have a part to play in that as we become one with our mate.

So this is what we do: Let's fill ourselves up SO much of God that we are consumed with HIM. Let Him cleanse us from past hurts, pains and sins. Let Him do a work in us, heal us and deliver us so that He can use us for His glory, not just in marriage but in ALL He has called us to do! So I charge you brothers and sisters, let's get past just waiting for our desires to manifest but let's fill ourselves so much with our Heavenly Father, that every person we come in contact with will leave having encountered the true and living God and not us! I believe this applies to both singles and marrieds.

***I want to share some beautiful pictures with you from the Worth the Wait Gala, it was Awesome! Men and Women, Youth, Young Adults and children on Fire for the Lord and walking in Sexual Purity or having the desire to do so!

A family that is PURE together, can BREAK Yokes together!
Me, Cousin Cammie, Sister Tondalaya

Beautiful Leslie and I. God has wonderful plans for Leslie! Whoop Whoop!
My Church Fam and Friends! Don't they look great! #Purity Rocks
Co-workers and Friends Latanya, James and Myself 2012 Gala!
We are worth the wait! God is worth the wait!
Peaches Howard and I; my sista from the same Mista; God!

God bless you!