Thursday, September 23, 2010

Child-like Faith, there is nothing like it!

Child-like Faith, there is nothing like it!!

Child-like Faith will make you dance!

Child like Faith will make you sing!

Child like Faith will make you obey!

Mark 10:15 15
Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it."

Remember when you were younger and your parent would tell you they would do something for you and you believed them all the way up until they finally did it!? When I was a child I did not forget even what seemed as the simplest thing they promised me to do. “ Mom, remember you said you would take me to McDonald’s after school if I did good on my report card” or “Dad, you told me that we could get ice cream if I cleaned my room a week ago”? We did not forget what our parents promised us!

I even remember when my parents would promise to do something for me, I jumped up and down, skipped, screamed, laugh or smiled big out of excitement. They said that they would do it and I believed it. I did not wait until it actually happened to celebrate, because I believed!! This is the type of crazy, exciting, no doubt in our mind faith our heavenly Father wants us to have in Him today. If He said He would do it, He will do it!!

It seems that unfortunately, our Faith and Excitement changes as we get older. I think it’s because we have more “reasoning” skills and think deeper into things that are said or promised to us. We cannot think the things of God, that’s why He’s God. I’m not only talking about what He can do for us, but if we just read and believed His word, spent time with Him to really know Him, we will be able to better grasp how GREAT He is and have that childlike excitement and faith about Him. Just like a child that knows there father will protect them and to that child their father is the best things since sliced bread. That’s how we should think about our heavenly Father, when we are discouraged and down, we can just think about who we serve; AN AWESOME, AMAZING, GREAT, ALL POWERFUL, ALL LOVING, ALL ABLE, HOLY, MIGHTY, GOD (and that’s not even scratching the surface about who He is)!! That’s who our Dad is!! Doesn’t that just make you feel like jumping up and down and dancing and celebrating our Father as we did when we were young? When I think about it, I mean REALLY THINK ABOUT it, feel like dancing, singing, rejoicing in the Lord, no matter what things are like around me!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Study to show thyself approved!

2 Timothy 2:15

"Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth".

Do you have a vision, a desire or a goal that you want to obtain? Something that you believe God has put on your heart to do for the Kingdom? That's great, you should! But my question for you and myself is: After the vision is established or written, What are you doing now??

Let me share something with you that happened today in church. Announcements were being made and I began to think about one of my desires to teach on a certain subject. I begin to complain to myself, saying. "But I really want to do this God, you know I have a heart to teach on this subject"! Then Holy Spirit responded right away, "You have to study it for yourself and put the time in it first before you teach it". How can I teach on something that I have not properly studied for?? Hmmmmm......

It's kinda funny because, so often we have these visions and dreams of doing something, at first we are eager to prepare for it, but many times as time goes by, we prepare for it less and less. We all know and quote the infamous scripture in Habakkuk 2 about writing down the revelation and making it plain, so that a herald may run with it. But it does not and cannot stop there.

Once the vision is written, there has to be a plan to get there, and although the Lord will lead you to it (Proverbs 18:16), we have to do our part too!

God is not going to put us in a place to do something for His Kingdom if we have not been obedient and prepared. We should place a high standard on all that we do for the Lord, because He is an Excellent God and deserves Excellent servants! If we do our part, our Father WILL take care of the rest!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Praise- A Sacrafice! Part 1

Lately, it has not been the easiest for me to Praise the Lord. Making the mistake of allowing the enemy to slide in my mind and tell me stupid lies! This is what happens when we find ourselves out of the presence of the Lord. How do we end up out of the presence of the Lord? I'm sure we have all experienced it: DISTRACTIONS!

For example: Getting up late and rushing out the house w/o even talking with the Lord. How about phone calls or children needing our attention right when we are about to spend time with the Lord. Or what about going online with the intent to do one thing and ending up on there for 4 hours, then your too tired to do anything else after that!

This morning, it had started again, I was thinking about an answered prayer that I have been waiting on the Lord to manifest. One minute became one hour of dwelling on this, can you say wasted time! But GOD is faithful! I said a quick prayer: "Lord, give me the strength to praise you today". Next thing I know, although I did not FEEL like it, I was thanking Him and it shifted into praise and then Worship!

It is not about what we feel like. It's not about waiting for the right moment, what is the right moment to praise Him anyway? At all times!!

My prayer is that we will continue press past how you feel and you will praise Him at all times!

Psalm 34:1 "I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth".

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dance: On the Ocean

Do you have a something that you have always wanted to do using your gift of dance? It could really be anything, but mine pertains to dance. Something I have always wanted to do is dance on the Ocean! It's pretty simple and not far fetched at all, however I have not yet done it. First of all, I love the beach! Not for the reason you may think though..........

I love the sounds of the waves and how the sky touches the water. I love the beauty surrounding the Ocean and how the scenery seems never ending. I truly don't understand how anyone can go to the ocean or a large body of water and not leave knowing that God is real!

I have for a long time, wanted to dance unto my Father (the Lord) at the ocean, at maybe sunrise. Although I have been to the beach many times, I normally just play around or sit still. I've done a few leaps, jumps and twirls, but my desire is to REALLY dance for Him. With God's creation surrounding me, I know that it will be a glorious experience!

What is your Dance goal/desire? Please share!