Sunday, December 27, 2015

Do what God told YOU to do!

Hey Fam,

   It's been far too long since I have post on my blog, but tonight I felt led to do so. This blog came from several conversations with loved ones throughout the holiday seasons and just casual conversations. As a blessed, beautiful single woman, many have asked me or commented on why I am not seeing someone or why I am not yet married. Along with that question, sometimes the suggestions come, "Why don't you try online" or "You haven't met anyone yet" or "Let me introduce you to this single guy that is a great catch" just to name a few responses. Can I be honest, in this world despite what the news and media portrays, we are "helpers" especially women and when we see a problem, we want to help others "fix" it. I am saying this because, I wholeheartedly believe that many who have tried to help meant well in their hearts; I have done this to others too for goodness sake!

However, can I tell you the greatest help I have received in receiving the promises of God and walking in His will for my life? Those who have pointed me to Jesus. Those who did not point me to another method or random plan, but those that pointed me to Jesus because anything else makes me anxious. Years ago, if you had told me I would be single at this age and point in my life; I would have cried and rolled on the grown kicking and screaming like a toddler having a tantrum, literally. It aint always been easy! However, pointing others to Christ when they are seeking direction in life is the best direction we can give. For at His feet, in His word, in His presence is every answer and direction we need.

I had a conversation with my cousin over Christmas, I love my cousin because he always looks out for me and checks on me at family functions to see how I am doing. This year, when he asked me if I was seeing anyone, he kinda seemed frustrated and wondering why it has not happened yet. I had to be honest with him, almost anyone can get a ring honey (honestly), however I have a promise from God that has a Kingdom purpose and I have received instructions from Him on not just how to receive His best for me, but how to be the woman He called me to be for His purposes.

This goes for ANYTHING, I say this because I don't want this to be a post about waiting to get married but trusting God and doing what He tells us to do, no matter what the norm is!

God gave me an example a few minutes ago; If you are working towards a promotion or a new position. You SHOULD seek what the president or head of that company is looking for in the job description, the specific job description. We wouldn't just try various different things hoping that they work, by the time we find out the promotion or new position may be filled! The same with God, if He gives you a word or promise, He also gives the instructions to obtain it; Then we have to do our part.

I know people who are in prosperous and blessed relationships and they were brought together in many different ways (yes some online, yes some through introduction, etc.).  However, that may have been God's plan for them, but what is His plan for you? For all areas of your life. He does not tell us everything up front because some of us would run (hence the tantrum I stated I would have had above).

If I would have gotten married in my 20s when I thought I was ready, I would not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and my husband would have been my God (what a travesty that would be)! If I did not wait 3 years to get a job as a school counselor, I would have been prideful and not humble and would not have been ready for what God had graced me to do in season. If I would have waited on friends to say yes to the call in ministry, I would have delayed what God wanted to do in and through me for HIS Kingdom. I'm sure you get my point.

What I am saying beloved is that God has a plan for you; we are approaching 2016 and I sense an urgency to:

1.  But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33
2.  And the seeds that fell on the good soil represent honest, good-hearted people who hear God’s word, cling to it, and patiently produce a huge harvest. Luke 8:15
3. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. Matthew 6:20

To sum these 3 up: 1. Keep God first 2. Sow the word, live it and you SHALL reap a harvest 3. Be eternity focus.

Love you all and pray that the Lord continues to keep you in the power of His might. I pray that we continue to chase after Him, God bless!!! Trust Him and Do what HE told YOU to do.

~Lynnea Antoinette

Picture from a few weeks ago with a dear friend and her beautiful daughter <3