Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s not always “that deep”- Barriers from living a lifestyle of worship

One of the best moments are when we have teachable moments and we are open to learn from what we are taught through simply living. Lately, I’ve had the mirror turned on myself about some areas where I am being stretched, it can hurt a little sometimes but it’s really for my good. It’s easy to try and think things through and make sense of what God is doing in our lives before we reach the fulfillment of a season. But who in the world can figure out the ways of our MIGHTY GOD (Isaiah 55:8-9)!

One of the most common questions or concerns in the life of a believer is if we are in God’s will. This is very important and we certainly want to remain in His will, HOWEVER we can’t try to “figure” everything He is doing or going to do out (hence proverbs 3:5,6). I know for a fact that one of the enemy’s tricks and distractions is to have us living in fear, doubt, worry and unbelief; none of these emotions are from the Lord. I was talking to a co-worker about some things that I have been experiencing lately and why they were concerning me. She simply smiled at me and said: “Lynnea it’s not that deep”. “God, do you want me to take this job offer”, “Lord, is this the church you want me to join”, “Father, should I stay in this ministry”, “Daddy, is this the person you want me to marry”, “Jesus, should I move out of this state”. All of these are very important questions and God certainly wants us to remain in His will and make the right decisions, even when we don’t, if we allow Him to He will re-direct us. God wants to help us, He understands all and nothing surprises Him! Let His peace follow you and trust Him as you move forward in life.

Whatever we experience and whatever decisions we have to make, we CANNOT allow this to silence us from praising and worshipping the Lord in the process of receiving His answer. Praise and Worship silences the devil and even our own opinions.

With all this being said, if we are always worried about the decisions we have to make in life, we will be focused on our situations and not on the Mighty God we serve and what His word so plainly promises us. I’m learning to trust God and every time a worrying feeling comes, I think of the scriptures He has given us to help us along the way. So, don’t wait to PRAISE HIM until every question is answered or problem is fixed. If this were the case, we would be waiting forever. Don’t idolize your situation, worship the Lord God almighty in the midst of whatever! We will always be believing God for something; even if it’s our next breath. Don’t let your concerns and questions hinder or cripple you from giving the Lord the praise He is due. You never know, Praise may be the very thing He is waiting for you to do before He gives you that answer to your question, that answer to your prayer or delivers you from that situation!!

Thank you Jesus!

SPECIAL UPDATE: The Praise and Worship Him blog has some exciting things coming up. Starting March 2011. There will be at least 2 posts a month, one being a video. There will be some mighty men and women of God featured on the blog and I am SO excited to see what they have to share with us! Stay tuned :)

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