Tuesday, June 7, 2011

David inquired of the Lord…….

1 Samuel 30:8a “and David inquired of the Lord”.

Definition of inquire: to seek to learn by asking: to inquire a person's name. to seek information by questioning; ask.

So, we may know a few things about King David: He went from being a Sheppard boy to a King, defeated that ole Philistine Goliath, committed adultery with Bathsheba, danced before the Lord with all his might, and was a man after God’s own heart! He was an extravagant worshipper!
David had many victories, there is something else that David faithfully did that had to be one of the main reasons for His success; David inquired of the Lord! Whether he was about to go into Battle, someone was plotting to kill him, or needed direction on where to go, instead of taking matters into his own hands, David inquired of the Lord.

One thing that really encourages me about David, although he made mistakes and there were many tests that he had to go through in life, he was so successful at what he did. This encourages me because we don’t have to believe the lies of that sneaky devil when he tries to put condemnation on us because of our past mistakes or his lies that God has left us or is mad at us and we just have to ‘find our own way out”. Not so, David cried out to God and sought Him before He made any major decisions, God gave him direction and He obeyed. He trusted God.
I believe this is the same relationship the Lord wants with us, before we pick up the phone to call mama and them or go over to brotha’s house to see what we should do. We can inquire of the Lord when it’s just Him and us. This is not to say that we shouldn't seek godly counsel, the word makes it clear that it’s okay to do that. However, I know from my own experience sometimes we go to seek what others think we should do, before we even go to our God and that’s if we even seek Him about our situation.

Let's challenge ourselves and learn from David to inquire of the Lord, expect His direction, trust Him and obey. It may not always be easy to truly trust Him. However, He really does know far better than we do, what is best for us and the more we do it, the easier it will be to trust Him. Just like He did with David, He will never fail us. Thank you Jesus!!!