Tuesday, May 31, 2011

God has a plan!

I don't believe in coincidences anymore. I truly believe that everywhere we go, the people we meet, the things we witness are all a part of God's plan for our lives. Even when we were doing things that we were not supposed to do, He knew that we would do it before we even did it.

Something I LOVE to do is dance for Jesus! I feel that I could do it all day and night, it's such a blessing that GOD has given us the dance as one way to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth! However, there is a great lesson the Lord has taught me about gifts that He has given us and ministry that He has called us to: we cannot be complacent or get comfortable!

I'll use myself as an example, I remember when God had made it clear to me that I was called to the dance ministry and this is what He wanted me to do. Well, I went full force with studying about it, doing it, learning and sharing with others on it! The I heard that still small voice say, "I want you to sing for me"! I thought, "sing, but I thought you wanted me to dance". He said, "yes, but I want you to sing as well".

One thing about GOD is that when He speaks, if we don't act right away it does not go away! He will send others confirming what He has told us! He did just that for me.

At first I was like, "what in the world! Sing, I only have a choir voice!" Then I had to kindly be reminded that it is not about me, and I just needed to get over myself. It's not about performing, getting hand claps and accolades (this is not to say it's bad to be recognized or honored), but we can't let this be our motive. And I thought since worshipping the Lord through song was something I did not do as well compared to others, that He would never ask me to do it in front of others. Boy was I wrong!

Don't allow yourself to get "stuck" or "limited" by what you do now by putting yourself in a special box. "I'm a preacher, I'm a prophet, I'm a dancer, I'm a Worship leader, etc.". I believe the Lord wants us to say, "Lord, I will be whoever you want me to be, whenever you want me to be". God maybe requiring more in your life. If He is, trust Him. He is the one that wrote out His plan for your life before you were even born and has given you grace to complete that purpose!

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