Monday, October 24, 2011

An Invitation from HIM!

One of my YouTube videos I made in the very beginning of this year stated that I wanted to know more about Worship and what it really means. Worship is something we talk about often. especially in the Christian community. I'm learning that Worship is SO much more than singing, dancing, coming to church once a week, singing 2 fast songs, 1 medium pace song, and then a slow song. Don't get me wrong. These are certainly expressions of worship! However, we can't put the Lord in some box or our own plans for worship and then expect Him to follow. He invites us into Worship! He leads it and if I can be honest it has not always been easy for me to trust Holy Spirit to lead! I thank God for growth though! But I want to fully surrender and trust His leadership.

Last night, well this morning rather at 4:45 am I woke up. I heard Him clearly say: "You can get up and Worship me". Ohhhh my goodness, I SO would love to tell you that I jumped out of my warm bed this fall morning, but I did not! I have to admit, I now regret it. No extra hour of sleep can even compare to the rewards of sacrificing sleep to Worship Him. What I'm most disappointed about is because HE invited ME to Worship this time. There have been times, that I set my alarm clock to get up early or have scheduled times to spend in praise and worship and He certainly honors that and I have been blessed. BUT it is different when He invites you versus when you expected it!

It makes me wonder, what did He have to say, what would have happened if I had only got out of my bed! I don't take this for granted and have already prayed "Lord please give me strength when you call me early in the morning or late in the night, to GET UP". When He invites us, OH there is something He has to say! ***sigh*** I have learned from this morning and look forward to telling you God willing when He does it again.

When is the last time He called you and invited you into Worship? Did you respond?

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