Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jaw Dropping Miracles!

God specializes in jaw dropping, head scratching, only God could have done it miracles! Yes He does. I just wanted to share that with you, encourage you as well as encourage myself today! Let us not become complacent in old ways of thinking. Let’s not look at each day as “just another day”. No, God has us here for a reason, for many people did not wake up this morning. I personally know of a young lady, 23 yrs old who did not wake up this week. We were praying for her healing and for her not to get worse. I believe God answered our prayers, but not just in the way we thought he would. I shared that to say, because you woke up this morning: know that THE Lord has something for us today.

You are not just here to waste away until your time here on earth is up. No, Almighty has a plan and a purpose for you. Do not despise small beginnings. A lot of times when circumstances seem bleak and it seems that things are dry and bare in our lives, we need to saturate our days with praise and worship to the Lord! He inhabits it. Also, I want to encourage us to seek God with all our heart and He has promised that we will find Him. Our God is not by any means ordinary and He is the same God that held back rain for 3 years, then brought rain again because of the prayers of Elijah. The same God that Hannah prayed for a son, but after she sought Him with all her heart, he gave far beyond just 1 son, but many! The same God that allowed David to be so Victorious in every battle, not because he was perfect, but because David always inquired of the Lord. Yes, this is the same God that we serve!

So, do not be weary in your well doing. Now is a time to rejoice in the Lord! Expect Him to answer both small and big prayers. He wants to do miracles in our lives so that others can and will be drawn to us and we will draw them to King Jesus!

Let’s expect Jaw Dropping Miracles this year, right now!

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