Monday, May 27, 2013

Messy Love

"Lord, your love is perfect; Especially when it seems like it is not".

This is what I wrote in my journal earlier today, after waking from a nap and feeling burdened and heavy about it being a holiday and desiring my own family (just keeping it real, I have my moments).

Can I share with you something I have learned personally about God's love; it's Messy. Yes I said it,it was  not a typo, lol! What I mean is that out of my life relationship with God, the most beautiful moments that I have experienced in relationship with Him has been birthed out of hot mess situations (undesirable, unpopular, lonely, seemingly dry, or consequences from our bad decisions)!

I can explain it best like this: Imagine, there is this well known Chief artist and He is preparing to premier His best art piece ever. Everyone is talking about it. Some are skeptical, some are excited, and some don't know what to expect. It is clear that this chief artist is SO excited about His premiere piece of artwork. He has put his blood, sweat, tears and heart into it. He makes it perfect not missing one stroke or painting. So here goes the public viewing and you are the star guest. The unveiling is about to take place, many have gathered to seen (some because they genually want to know and others just to see what the hype is all about). The chief artist comes in and greets everyone, He introduces his premiere piece and asks you to do the honors of unveiling this most precious artwork!!! Once it is unveiled,  It is quiet in the room some are looking in astonishment, others look disgusted and turn there nose up, then yet others are confused as to what it is or means! The chief artist asks you what you think, you don't want to hurt His feelings because He is so excited and overwhelmed with joy! To you, the premiere piece looks....... Messy. To you it has so many imperfections and things seem to be all over the place! The artist can see from your facial expression exactly how you feel, then He grabs your hand and says, " My love, let me explain. This is my most beautiful prized possession. I put my blood, sweat and tears into this. This is my LOVE for you and it is my MASTERpiece"!

If you can tell, the chief artist is God and we are His special guest He asked to do the unveiling. The painting is His love for us. See, the world has given us a shallow, easy and even selfish view of love. This is not Love though. A lot of the things we experience in life may seem a hot steamy mess and the way We see our lives is in the world's eye, so we try to deny it or even look at it in disgust. It may look messy and far from perfect to us. Although His love is perfect, when we are in the midst of trial or test it may not feel or look perfect because WE are not perfect. Only God and His love is.

 Stop trying to be perfect for the world, the world will never be satisfied. Receive God's "messy" Love, which is perfect through His eyes! Let's ask Him to show us our lives through His eyes! It will look completely different! <3

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