Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dance: On the Ocean

Do you have a something that you have always wanted to do using your gift of dance? It could really be anything, but mine pertains to dance. Something I have always wanted to do is dance on the Ocean! It's pretty simple and not far fetched at all, however I have not yet done it. First of all, I love the beach! Not for the reason you may think though..........

I love the sounds of the waves and how the sky touches the water. I love the beauty surrounding the Ocean and how the scenery seems never ending. I truly don't understand how anyone can go to the ocean or a large body of water and not leave knowing that God is real!

I have for a long time, wanted to dance unto my Father (the Lord) at the ocean, at maybe sunrise. Although I have been to the beach many times, I normally just play around or sit still. I've done a few leaps, jumps and twirls, but my desire is to REALLY dance for Him. With God's creation surrounding me, I know that it will be a glorious experience!

What is your Dance goal/desire? Please share!

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