Friday, July 22, 2011

What God desires from His children

The love of God is so beautiful and it's real. He loves us SO! It's because of HIM that we can even love others! Tonight, I had the assignment to lead the weekly prayer call we have for the intercessory prayer ministry from my church. I had my nice little agenda for the night planned out and everything. As we began to praise and worship the Lord, I felt that He wanted us to continue. 30 minutes past by, 45, then an hour. I then heard Him say: " You are in my presence, I love my children to tell me how they feel about me". I shared this with everyone on the call and we began to just confess who He is to us and how grateful we are for Him in and through our lives. I mean, where would we be without Him??!

We were so blessed by what GOD did tonight, I had to throw my little pre-planned agenda to the side and let Holy Spirit have His way! God's plans are far greater than any plan we could think up ourselves. He's an exceeding and abundant God! Then He began to just bless us with words of affirmation, promise and His power! It was Awesome!

Even after I got off the call, I kept thinking about what He shared with me about being in His presence. Then I had a quick vision of God inviting us into this beautiful house; His house. He was smiling so big when He opened the door! He welcomed us into this beautiful home. On the inside of His house there were so many beautifully wrapped gifts in there. We were overwhelmed once we got in there. His hand was out the whole time. There was one person that entered into the house and they went straight for the gifts, after the initial greeting with God, she went to the gifts and beginning grabbing as many as she could! She did not even look at God, then she began shoving them in her car until her car was overflowing. After this she backed out of the driveway and zoomed off with all these beautiful gifts!

There was another person who walked into God's house and she initially seemed to look at the gifts then quickly remembered whose house she was in. She then went back, took God's hand smiled with Him, then sat down and talked with Him and the gifts were laying all around them; but she focused on Him!

I wonder how many times, we have entered into the presence of the Lord, just to ask all of our requests and receive, receive, receive. Of course God will bless us, He has many gifts for us on earth and in heaven. But more than anything, once in His presence He desires intimacy and fellowship with Him. In that vision, those gifts did not go anywhere when she was spending time with the Lord, they were right there laying around waiting to be opened. But her priority was to spend time with Him and put Him first above all other things.

Let's make it a point to seek His face, before we seek His hand!

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  1. Great articles! Yes, we are supposed to go to God for who He is, not just for what He has. AMEN.