Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Worship Warfare!

It is time! It is time to Worship, it is time to take our Worship to another level!!! Did you know that Worshiping the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is a weapon of warfare? Oh yes it is!!!

It’s easy to go through everything else before we finally decide to put our concerns and worries and questions to the side and just worship the Lord. Praise and worship is so much more than singing a fast or a slow song. I admire David so much because he is known to be a worshipper, but what is he known as in the bible even more: a man after God’s own HEART! You wanna send the devil fleeing? Resist him by praising and worship the Lord! To worship God we have to have His heart, to have His heart we have to know Him.

Sing, Dance, cry out, shout praises, tell God who He is to you, speak His word back to Him, use that sword and activate the FULL ARMOR (Ephesians 6:10-18), give Him thanksgiving and praise, rejoice in Him, intercede for others, lift up your head oh ye gates!

I don’t know who said that the devil is dumb or stupid, but it’s simply not true. I’ll tell you what he is, he’s sneaky, he’s evil and is seeking to see whom he may devour:

1 Peter 5:8 “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour”

Notice Peter tells us to be self-controlled and alert first, so this means we have to be proactive. We have to go and be on watch for our families, communities and nation. That’s really why we have to make it a point to spend time in praise and worship unto the Father, so that we will know what to pray for, where His heart is and how to intercede for others. That's why David won so many battles, He was a man after God's own HEART.

When we worship the Lord it is SO POWERFUL! Shackles fall off, curses are broken, healing and deliverance take place. Worshipping God is so powerful I believe it will restore our children's’ innocence, mend broken marriages, allow the lonely to receive love and give love, end sexual immorality and restore purity in our nations, end the laws from being passed in New York, California, D.C. and wherever else and restore GOD’S institution of marriage, bring men and women out of the crack house, children will leave gangs and walk into the arms of Jesus, leaders and pastors will return to holiness and have a heart for the things of God. Hallelujah! I believe it!

My brothers and sisters now is the time!!!


  1. AWESOME WORD!! Thanks for posting, just what I needed to be reminded of today! Bless you!

  2. God bless YOU my sister. Love ya!

  3. Thanks for reading Laetitia and I'm glad you agree! *smile*

  4. AMEN! We need to take back our cities and govt from the devil! Powerful.